I’m Ryan.

I excel at hiring and managing internal and external globally dispersed teams and projects within fast-paced environments. My sales and marketing leadership experience includes 10+ years of B2B and 7+ years of B2C.

I’m adept at competitive analysis, identifying trends, and strategy development for new products/services, brand growth, demand generation, and revenue growth for medium sized brands in the $10-50M range and I’m ready to take on my next opportunity.

I have served as a Marketing Agency CEO & a Corporate Marketing Director reporting to C-Level Executives. I am hands-on, driven by objectives, and thrive in collaborative environments, matrixed organizations, and SMEs.

I specialize in orchestrating powerful marketing strategies while cultivating robust alliances with sales, product, HR, and other diverse teams. I believe in taking care of my teams while developing clients-first solutions.

– Honored Collaboration –

– Honored Collaboration –

Marketing Innovation:

How I Do It

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Data Analysis & Reporting

Email Marketing

Events Marketing

Branding, Leadership, & Demand Gen

Marketing Automation

Online Marketing

Partnership Marketing

Public Relations

Social Media Management

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What People Are Saying

Brad Doran - Chief Operations Officer & Sales Mastermind

One characteristic I really appreciate about Ryan is that he maintains focus on generating leads, but he also recognizes the importance of considering the entire client journey through post-sale support.

Christina Muller - Business Owner & Graphic Artist

It’s rare to come across a marketing professional like Ryan who embodies such a comprehensive suite of leadership qualities. His knack for organization, forward-thinking, and keeping the team aligned and motivated is nothing short of impressive

Scott Stumbo - Sales, Operations, & Cyber Security Professional

..working closely with Ryan… He is an accomplished leader and marketing authority with valuable insights on growing businesses and profits. His approachable style helped create a productive and collaborative environment.

Jessica Vega Bernasconi - Corporate HR Executive

Ryan spearheaded a number of successful marketing campaigns to contribute to our company’s growth and brand awareness. One of his greatest strengths is his adaptability, he is resourceful, able to navigate through challenges and find innovative solutions even in the face of adversity.