SaaS Product Development, Marketing, and International Collaboration

May 24, 2024

Project Description


During my tenure at WealthAbility®, my strategic involvement played a crucial role in both the initial development and ongoing marketing of several key SaaS products: Tax-Free Formula, Tax-Free Formula Plus, WealthAbility® Roadmap Software, and WealthAbility® CPE. While I was not directly engaged in the creation of the first three products, my leadership in marketing provided essential insights and direction to optimize their market impact.

This comprehensive initiative included updating and developing client assets and collateral specific to each SaaS product. I strategically curated email and campaign messaging tailored to different phases, ensuring cohesive communication that highlighted the unique value propositions of Tax-Free Formula, Tax-Free Formula Plus, and WealthAbility® Roadmap Software. Print collateral and assets for national and international events were also revamped to align with evolving market dynamics and the distinct features of each product. Collaborating closely with the sales and technology teams, I guided design and content teams to create bespoke assets and solutions, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand narrative for each SaaS product.

A notable achievement was implementing marketing automation for event campaigns, a meticulous process that seamlessly integrated technology with marketing strategies to optimize engagement, conversion, and overall event success. This project highlighted my adaptability in navigating various facets of SaaS marketing and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving a unified and impactful brand presence.


In my second quarter at WealthAbility®, I played a pivotal role in the creation, development, and marketing of the groundbreaking SaaS product, WealthAbility® CPE. This collaborative venture involved a dynamic team of professionals, with me leading the marketing efforts to ensure a successful launch and sustained growth. Focusing on international collaboration, particularly with our UK partners, I facilitated seamless communication to align marketing strategies with the product’s vision. Our initial marketing efforts leveraged email campaigns to engage an existing audience shared by our partners.

As WealthAbility® CPE evolved, so did our marketing approach. By diligently analyzing user behaviors and preferences, we developed new product offerings and refined messaging strategies. The result was a dynamic and user-friendly online learning platform for tax professionals, emphasizing our motto, “Better Clients, Better Practice, Better Life.”


My role in the initial marketing phase was crucial for the successful relaunch of WealthAbility® CPE in its new and improved format. This collaborative effort culminated in a comprehensive online learning experience covering diverse topics such as tax planning, strategy, advisory services, and professional development.

I take pride in my contributions to these transformative projects, leveraging my marketing expertise to introduce cutting-edge SaaS products to the market. The success of these initiatives stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of the entire team, creating valuable resources for tax professionals seeking continuous education and professional growth.

Project Details

Company: WealthAbility®
Position: Marketing Director
Skills Needed:
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Interpretation
  • PR Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Execution
  • Vendor Management
Ryan Berry