Self-Storage Online Reviews Campaign

May 24, 2024

Project Description


As an important piece of SEO, trust, and credibility; additional positive online reviews were needed at each self-storage facility. I put together a plan of action for growing positive reviews as quickly as possible. This plan revolved around an email campaign, the design and development of website landing pages, and some 3rd party tools to help bring it all together.


Each facility has hundreds of current tenants to pull-in and generate reviews. I designed an email campaign that would be sent to each tenant and request their feedback on a survey to help us make improvements. Based on the rating of their feedback would determine which landing page they would be sent too. One landing page was designed for tenants who provided positive feedback on their surveys and the other was for tenants who may have been unhappy. The positive feedback landing page would then ask the tenant for an online review. The other landing page was a personal message from the manager that they would be in touch with them soon to help them further.


As with any campaign, the results were mixed. Some facilities received 50-60% open rates (some less, some more) with 20-30% click-through rates. When they clicked through to the survey’s, the forms had a 85-90%+ completion rate in which most landed on the positive landing page. From there, 20-30% clicked through and left a review on the Google Business page. In the end, each facility received a lot of reviews which boosted their online reputation and positively affected website traffic.

Currently, we are planning additional campaigns that will build off this success and drive more online reviews. The facilities are all 85-90%+ full at this time, but new units are planned to be available by the end of next year at some facilities. This will require a much larger and multi-channel marketing push that’s being planned.

Project Details

Company: Security Storage
Position: Marketing Director
Skills Needed:
  • Analytics
  • Branding
  • Data Interpretation
  • Design
  • Email Marketing
Results Summary:
  • 50-60% Open Rates
  • 20-30% CTR
  • 85-90% Survey Completion
Ryan Berry


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